Hi Friends, this is a new venture for me. I am about as computer illiterate as anyone can be. So this should be interesting. We wanted a place where We Rule friends could be more social. I find it very exciting to see that I play We Rule with people from across the world, and want to know more about them. As much as I love the game I think if fails on the social interaction side. So we will see how this goes. I go to several sites for game information, now maybe we can also have one for the friendship side of the game.

      This is a work in progress. Any help or suggestions you can give me is welcome.

My first topic: How did you choose your We Rule name, and/or what does it mean?

My player name is Moontown. I have used Crescent as an art name since I was 14. I came up with that name as a school assignment. I have a crescent-shaped birthmark on my calf about the size of a dime. I switched to using susanzmoon as an email account. So it was a small jump to Moontown when I was trying to name my kingdom. I started playing We Rule last March I think.

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